Saturday, July 26, 2008

how to save cost?

At this time of " everything is not cheap " era, do grab the opportunity if ever you find something is selling below the actual cost. Certainly you need to compromise and set aside the feeling of " cheap thing no good, good thing no cheap ". Only then you will become a happy and contented buyer.

Let me share with you my experience just about few hours ago. While waiting for a mutual friend to have some business conversation at the mamak shop, I just walk into the Bata shop next door. I was surprised to learn that Rm 70 shoes had been given a 50% discount. What a good deal! The next thing I know for sure is that, I am helping the wallet to keep extra RM35 at least for the next few days to come. I enjoy the decision and left the shop smilingly to welcome my friend for the drink eventhough I am not that thirsty yet.

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dct said...

WELL DONE, my friend !