Friday, August 1, 2008


After spending almost 2 decades enjoying our badminton game at one of the association hall in this small town of Ayer Tawar , we are indeed so sad to be told to leave. We are emotionalIy and sentimentally attach to the hall. In consideration of reaping better return commercially, they want us to stop anytime from now onwards. Can we blame the association ? Of course we don't even have the right in the first place let alone argue with them.

Straightly speakingl,all this years, we are the only group still remain and allow to continue to play at this hall. Our fervent hope is that by providing a place that leads to healthy lifestyle among the local community is as important as any economic consideration. What's the point when the association is rich whereby the people in the town are full of unhealthy people.
Do consider our opinion before it is too late.

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