Saturday, April 4, 2009

Special Lady

This special lady is non other than our just newly appointed country sixth Prime Minister Najib's mother. She is so special because she created sort of HISTORY just a day ago.
Tun Rahah Noah being accorded such honour mainly because she married a husband whom became the 2nd Prime Minister of Malaysia about 39 years ago. On 03-04-2009 her son Najib was appointed as nation's 6th Prime Minister.
Take it as sheer coincidence or by a twist of luck. The truth is here for us to accept. Isn't it uncommon to find such unprecedented pairs around?
Just to add and join the crowd, I for one must be contented with having a teacher's wife and later persuade relentlessly my daughter to become teacher too.
Whatever it is, well folks, don't take it too seriously. Children's career path is certainly not determined by parent's career. As long as we do the level best nothing can deter us from fufilling our wishes.
You do the best, GOD will do the rest for you. Agree of not ?

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